Welcome to the official blog for Grey Street Media! Chances are, the only people reading this will be our team, our moms, and perhaps some of our cheerleaders that support us from the sidelines. Our favourite thing to do on our social channels is to share the different personalities that live on our team. We are all so different and I think that’s really what makes us, us.

So without further adieu, we’re starting off the summer with our personalities in Patio Drinks. Try out our signature drinks this season! Don’t be shy to tag us on social media either, ya hear?!

Taylor: The no-fuss-whatever-is-in-the-fridge drink

So let me start off by saying that I am the one writing this blog post so I obviously get the upper-hand here. Represented in a patio drink, I like to think that I would be whatever was available in the fridge at the time. I featured Bud Light Orange because it happens to be my summer drink of choice these days, but I also like to think and it describes an easy-going and go-with-the-flow side of things. I don’t often think negatively about my surroundings and I try my best to bring the bright side to the surface no matter what. Often when I meet with clients about their projects, I enjoy simply discovering the project that they bring to the table and get really excited about the things that we could bring to the table for them.

That being said, you could also find other things in your fridge that may also pair perfectly with my #PatioPersonality: Wine, Vodka-Sodas, or Baby-Bell Cheese (because you should never drink on an empty stomach, right?)

Annette: The-always-classic-but-kind-of-a-twist drink

We struggled for the name of this one. Annette is outside and active 99% of the time, so we almost titled her drink, “all-ingredients-sourced-directly-from-nature drink,” or, “in-some-round-a-bout-way-this-has-something-to-do-with-kayaking drink.”

But alas, here we are left with a true classic. A rum and coke is the sort of dependable drink that you can always rely on. It’s simple, but can be spiced with with different flavours that always seem to go GREAT with the drink itself.  We thought for a long time about a better drink to represent Annette with but as I’m typing this, I think this one is perfect. Her love for adventure is exciting to our team, but we always know that we can rely on her to be honest about what sucked about the trip and how she missed being here in the office with us. Personally, I also know that she is one of the most loyal and dependable people you could ever meet.

Sometimes she surprises with her versions of a twist of lime or lemon, too. So that keeps things interesting.

Alea: The had-to-buy-all-these-ingredients-just-for-this-drink drink

Before you say that this is a mean or inaccurate representation of Alea, i’ll have you know that I read out the title of this drink prior to publishing this and she said, “Wow, that is totally me.” So relax.

Alea is quite simply a well-planned cocktail. This drink looks excellent in your Instagram feed and also requires a set of ingredients that you probably DON’T have lying around the house. You will most likely need to steep some sort of rare tea, boil that with some rare sugar, and garnish it with some “looks-cute-but-probably-don’t-eat-it” herb. But don’t get me wrong, this drink tastes fabulous. Not only that, all of your friends enjoy the flavours of this 12-step drink, making it so approachable to many. This says a lot about our girl Alea. She is always on your team, always approachable, and always the rockstart that makes your Instagram feed look like a million bucks.